General Fee Information

Students are expected to abide by the fees set out in their initial year of enrolment. This is unless they have deferred their place at any point of their studies.

The base or tuition fee covers your tuition, online and in person including the residential sessions. The residential fee is for your board and lodgings while you are away. Residential are obligatory unless in extreme circumstances an agreement has been made with the Director.

If a student is in arrears at the end of the year they will not be able to collect their certificates until the balance on their account has been paid. In certain circumstance non-paying students will not be able to progress to the next year.

The fees for students enrolling in 2019/2020 are as follows

Base Tuition Fee - £3250

This fee is payable per year and it is possible to split it into instalments

Residential Fee - Years 1 and 2 - £400

This fee is payable to the College in Years 1 and 2 and is due before the date of the residential

Residential Fee - Years 3 and 4 - £750

This fee is payable to the College in Years 3 and 4 and is due before the date of the residential

Residential Fees

Residential Fees are payable to the College before the date of your residential and covers your board and lodging and also the use of the teaching facilities at the venue. They do not cover your travel to and from the designated arrival address. Students are responsible for all flights, ferries, trains or other modes of transport.

Examination Fees

Students have to pay a £40 resit fee in cases of failed or missed exams. This fee is payable per exam that needs to be rescheduled.

College Property

Students will be given a USB lanyard and identity card at the beginning of term. This will remain the property of the College and must be worn at all times when on College or related premises. A replacement fee of £10 will be charged if the lanyard or ID card becomes damaged or lost.