Herbal Tablets


Circutone TA001 (60 Tablets)

Improves circulation, reduces numbness, tones blood vessels and strengthens heart muscles, heals wounds.


Dhisatwa TA002 (60 Tablets)

Nerve tonic, strengthens memory, reduces anxiety, general relaxation, strengthens mind, reduces hypertension & insomnia, controls Vata conditions of the mind.


Medvatari Guggulu TA003 (60 Tablets)

Reduces excess body fat, controls obesity, increases appetite, detoxifies the body, reduces body aches and pains related to Vata.


Menoc TA004 (60 Tablets)

Improves uterine health, helpful for painful menstruation, controls mood swings, regulates menstrual flow, maintains hormonal balance.


Rohitagni TA005 (60 Tablets)

Improves metabolism, strengthens liver function, boosts the immune system, increases appetite, useful in cases of indigestion, flatulence, and general weakness of the body.


Sutwaka TA006 (60 Tablets)

Improves skin texture, complexion and skin blemishes, Useful in acne, pimples, eczema, scabies, leucoderma and other skin disorders.


Sandivathari Vati TA007 (60 Tablets)

Beneficial in all types of joint disorders due to Vata vitiation, such as rheumatism, arthritis, joint / bone pain. Improves joint mobility and reduces joint swelling.


Arogyavardhini TA008 (60 Tablets)

General all round tonic, improves immune system, detoxifies and maintains the health of the body. Maintains healthy liver function.


Chandraprabha TA009 (60 Tablets)

General Indications: Improves Kidney and Bladder Functions, beneficial in excessive urination, burning sensations and abdominal pain. Purifies Urine.


Rasnadi Guggulu TA008 (60 Tablets)

All Vata disorders associated with pain. Beneficial in headache, earache, tinnitus, migraine, joint pains and muscle ache.


Triphala TA011 (60 Tablets)

Improves general health, rasayana (general tonic), restores digestion, reduces constipation, increases eyesight, cleanses alimentary tract and strengthens immune system.


Triphala Guggulu TA012 (60 Tablets)

General all round tonic, improves immune system, detoxifies and maintains the health of the body. Maintains a healthy liver function.


Pramehahari Vati TA013 (60 Tablets)

Beneficial in all types of urinary disorders, such as polyuria, urinary retention, burning sensation during micturition. Also improves Diabetes mellitus and reduces excess blood sugar levels in the blood.


Kanchanara Guggulu TA014 (60 Tablets)

Useful in reducing tumour activities and enlargement of cervical glands. Improves circulation, beneficial in all types of wounds and ulcer healing.


Kaishore Guggulu TA015 (60 Tablets)

Purifies blood improves digestion and metabolism. Beneficial in Vatarakta (gout).


Yogaraja Guggulu TA016 (60 Tablets)

Beneficial in all types of rheumatic pains. Improves immune system and maintains general health.


Vrushada TA017 (60 Tablets)

Beneficial in infertility treatment, increases sperm count. Also useful in menstrual disorders.


Senalax TA018 (60 Tablets)

Useful in chronic constipation. Softens stools, regulates bowel evacuations, cleanses colon.


Pancatikta Grtha Guggulu TA019 (60 Tablets)

Beneficial for rheumatic and joint pain, decreases tumour growth. Useful for various ulcers, skin disorders, anorectal disorders, goitres and tuberculosis.


Gokshoradi Guggulu TA020 (60 Tablets)

Outstanding remedy for urinary tract disorders including urinary stones. It also curtails the bleeding from urinary tract and rejuvenates the urogenital system, in both males and females.