Herbal Tonics


Arjunarista TN002 (450ml Bottle)

General heart tonic, improves the efficiency of the heart and alleviates oedema due to cardiac failure. It is also beneficial as a haemostat ic to arrest bleeding.


Ashokarista TN003 (450ml Bottle)

Uterine tonic, useful in all types of menstrual disorders such as excessive periods, leucorrhoea and painful menstruation. It
re-enforces the uterine musculature, hence beneficial in prolapse and hypotonia of uterus.


Ashwagandha Arista TN004 (450ml Bottle)

Nervine tonic, useful in anxiety, stress, tension, paralysis and general weakness and as such is particularly useful in convalescence and general debility.


Dashamoolarista TN006 (450ml Bottle)

A general tonic for all Vata disorders and a rasayana for women after childbirth. Beneficial in fevers, asthma, cough, oedema, flatulence and low agni. It is the best rejuvenative in treating spondylosis and joint disorders.


Draksharista TN007 (450ml Bottle)

Improves digestion and respiratory function. It is the best remedy for tuberculosis, asthma, cough and general weakness of the lungs.


Kumariasava TN010 (450ml Bottle)

Alleviates all three doshas and is an effective appetiser, digestant and liver stimulator. It is also a potent blood purifier.


Punarnavarista TN011 (450ml Bottle)

Beneficial in relieving oedema, and ascites associated with enlargement of liver and spleen. It is an excellent diuretic. Also useful in anaemia and jaundice.


Pippalyasava TN012 (450ml Bottle)

Relieves indigestion, stimulates agni, useful in irritable bowel syndrome, gulma, muscle wasting and piles.


Trikatu Kwatha TN013 (450ml Bottle)

Digestive stimulant, dyspepsia, indigestion and helps reduce ama. Useful for liver disorders and loss of appetite.


Maha Rasnadi Kwatha TN014 (450ml Bottle)

Useful for joint pains, old age, rheumatoid arthritis and constipation (mild laxative effect). helpful in cases of lumbago and hemiplegia


Saraswatarista TN015 (450ml Bottle)

Powerful rasayana for the mind, improves memory, mental problems, slurred speech, dementia and loss of memory.


Nimbarista TN016 (450ml Bottle)

Helps remove and protect against intestinal parasites (worms), improves conditions of eczema and other skin disorders, acts as a blood purifier.


Pramehari Kwatha TN017 (450ml Bottle)

Useful in cases of diabetes, excess sweating, oedema, weight loss etc.


Balarista TN018 (450ml Bottle)

Useful in cases of weakness, low immunity, paralysis and loss of digestive strength. Balarista is an effective buliding tonic.