Medicated Oils


Maha Narayana Taila OL006 (100ml)

For external use in joint pains, paralysis and as massage oil for Vata disorders, also useful in shirodhara.


Anu Taila OL007 (10ml)

For external use in cold, sinusitis, catarrhal symptoms, headache, migraine and tinnitus, is an excellent nasya oil.


Neelyadi Talia OL012 (100ml)

For external use. Promotes hair growth, cooling, prevents premature greying of hair. Alleviates mental stress and headache in individuals of Pitta constitution.


Ashwangandha Taila OL0023 (100ml

Insanity, muscle wasting and Vata diseases. Useful for all kinds of rheumatic ailments, paralysis, neuritis, insomnia and tension headaches.


Kapha Taila OL0024 (100ml)

Massage oil for high Kapha conditions, obesity, oedema, water retention etc.


Vata Taila OL0025 (100ml)

Massage oil for high Vata conditions including headaches, arthritis, paralysis, dryness and other Vata conditions.


Shoolahara Taila OL0026 (100ml)

Useful for abdominal colic, lower back pain, shooting pains, polyneuritis, numbness, sciatica and general pains.


Triphala Taila OL0027 (100ml)

General massage oil that is VPK (balancing all three dosha), especially effective for head, eyes, face, neck and shoulders.


Siddharta Taila OL0029 (100ml)

Siddharta oil (mustard seed in its base) is a warming and penetrating oil, it is highly recommended for obesity and high Kapha conditions.


Pinda Taila OL030 (200ml)

For external use. Relieves pain in gout, rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago and sprains. Also beneficial in skin disorders due to Pitta aggravation.